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P. S. под катом официальное заявление разработчиков Adium

Many of you are reporting an error message that started appearing today:

The client version you are using is too old.
Please upgrade at http://pidgin.im/

First, about that website address: Adium uses libpurple, which is the core library from Pidgin. That’s why Pidgin’s address is in the message. We need to swap out that address for Adium’s address.

As for the rest of the error: It appears that, starting today, AOL’s servers now require ICQ 6 or later. Libpurple, in every recent version of Adium, promises to behave like ICQ 5. So, now, AOL’s server responds with “ICQ 5, you say? You’re too old!” Libpurple receives this and passes it on to Adium, which displays it to you.

Once the Pidgin team (they maintain libpurple, remember) fixes this problem, we’ll bring the fix into Adium, and we’ll get it out to you in a new release as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience.

Проще говоря, ICQ не пускает клиенты работающие с протоколом ниже icq6. Adium использует библиотеку этого самого Pidgin (icq5). Адиум заработает как только Pidgin проапдейтит свою библиотеку.